In an environment like New Mexico, where few leaves are available, spoiled hay and straw makes an excellent carbon base for a compost pile. Hay contains more nitrogen than straw. They may contain weed seeds, so the pile must have a high interior temperature. The straw's little tubes will also keep the pile breathing. Layering goat manure with carbon-rich brown materials such as straw keeps our compost pile in balance. Throughout the season we continuously rake up the manure, spoiled hay and straw from the barns into large compost piles in the goat yard. The compost piles serve two very important purposes: they provide a terrific playground and warm bed to lie on for the girls. And at the same time, the piles cook during the year to provide you an excellent source of nutrients for your garden.

$10 A Load

South Mountain Dairy's compost is available for you to use in your garden. If you choose to shovel it yourself, it is free. If you would like to load a pickup full, allowing us to help you with our Kuboto Front Loader, we charge $10/load to cover the cost of fuel, and time.

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