Fresh Goat Milk

We are not licensed to sell raw milk. All of the milk we sell at South Mountain Dairy is pasteurized. We use what is called "Low Batch Pasteurization." This means we heat treat the milk at the lowest allowable temperature, 146F. By using this method, the sweet flavor of the milk is maintained. It has been shown that the enzymes that break down during the process of heating milk do so above 152F. We have two charts that show the effects of heat and pasteurization effectsthat we found to be very informative.

During the first few weeks of kidding season, most of our milk goes back to the kids. Beginning in mid-April it will be available for you to enjoy.

Milk In May!

South Mountain Dairy milk is available in quarts and half gallons. Your can purchase our milk by calling in an order and picking it up at the Los Ranchos, Corrales, or Santa Fe Farmers Markets. Beginning in May, you can buy your milk while shopping at the Triangle Market in Cedar Crest, or La Montanita Co-ops in Santa Fe, Nob Hill, or on Rio Grande Valley.

To call in your order for pickup at a farmers market, contact us using our contact page

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