About Us

South Mountain Dairy is owned and operated by Cheryl and Sam. We are a seasonal dairy, producing cheese from early April through November. We began building our dairy in 2004, and received our Grade A Dairy License in April, 2005.

A Growing Business

Our first year of business we milked thirteen does. From those girls we produced and sold about 80 pounds of cheese a week. In 2007 we milked 39 does, and each week produced over 200 pounds of cheese, 45 gallons of yogurt, and 45 gallons of milk. We sold everything we produced within a week's time. This year we are increasing our milking line to 56 girls!

Farmstead Cheese

South Mountain Dairy specializes in fresh and aged farmstead goat milk products. We are the only local producer of pasteurized goat milk and yogurt. Farmstead products are unique because they are made only from the milk that is produced on the farm where the goats are raised. The term “fresh” is used by the American Cheese Society to describe cheeses that have not been aged, or are very slightly cured.

Product Sales

Beginning in April our products will be available at La Montanita Coop (Nob Hill, Rio Grande, and Santa Fe), the Triangle Market on North Hwy 14, or directly from us on the farm. We will begin selling weekly at various NM Farmers Markets when they open in May.

On-Line Sales Begin in June!

So, what's left? One goal has to market our cheeses on-line. Watch for our new on-line store in June

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